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What makes us different

With over 370,000 companies operating in Canada's construction industry, standing out from the competition is more than essential. But to truly distinguish ourselves, we must, above all, be true to ourselves, focus on our real strengths and put forward the convictions that drive and inspire our team to always do better.

Our eco-responsibility

When you consider that construction, renovation and demolition activities generate 15% of the world's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, that Canadian residential and commercial buildings consume 30% of the energy produced in the country, and that the construction industry alone is responsible for 35% of provincial residual materials, it's clear that the time has come for the construction industry to take action. We don't pretend to have a perfect track record, let alone all the answers to this critical global issue. What we do know is that we want to be part of the solution.

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Our investments in technology

For JCB, a dollar invested in construction technology is a dollar that translates into better productivity, higher quality work, accelerated schedules and minimized project costs. We are one of the few contractors to invest so heavily and boldly in construction technology so that our projects reflect the best practices in the industry. Whether it's through the purchase of high-performance software, innovative building materials, state-of-the-art construction systems or reliable, modern equipment, we sincerely believe that our investments in technology deliver a superior return on investment and numerous cost savings for our clients and partners.

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Our adaptable structure

JCB Construction Canada has always being on par with the biggest players in the construction industry. Our secret? A flexible, mobile administrative structure that gives our personnel all the autonomy they need to manage and execute your projects, regardless of their location or complexity. We abhor unnecessary paperwork, hierarchical levels that slow down decision-making, and call returns that take days-in short, anything that can unnecessarily hamper a project. If you've got ideas you'd like to get off the ground, we've got a competent, available and attentive team who can really help you with what may be your company's biggest investment.

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