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Building Expansion

Your business is growing at lightning speed, and you need space to grow, to improve your services, or to expand your operations. Proper planning is needed to get this new infrastructure up and running quickly, but above all to ensure that this new project doesn't interfere with your current activities.

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How do you define the possible expansion area for an industrial, commercial, or multi-residential building? What is the structural consequence of expanding a building?

Your expansion choices will be greatly influenced by the amount of land available, the structural capacity of your existing building and current zoning regulations. Your needs in terms of space and your budget will also be important factors influencing the size of your future extension. To get the full picture here, it's important to consult extension construction experts who will be able to propose several scenarios, taking into account your objectives, municipal bylaws and overall existing infrastructure conditions. The overall structural capacity of your building will determine if we can consider expanding up or out of your existing infrastructure.

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How do you plan a new building extension?

To properly plan your business expansion, it's important to define your needs, expectations and budget. Our team can guide you through the options available. In addition to determining the location of your future expansion, you will also need to define the desired style, functions, and objectives so that this expansion fits not only with your existing infrastructure, but above all with your growth strategy.

Whether your project involves a multi-residential building, a commercial building or an industrial building, mitigation measures, site logistics and maintenance of operations remain a priority, since your main space is likely to remain in operation throughout the expansion project. As a result, we develop a work method that permits the current operations of your establishment and assures minimal interference. Numerous mitigation measures relating to noise, dust, indoor air quality, etc. can be put in place to ensure that the expansion work does not impact the continuation of your activities or the well-being of the building's occupants. With all these elements in hand, we'll be able to guarantee you the most efficient expansion project, an important return on investment and a significant increase in the value of your property.