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Interior Retrofit

As a showcase for your knowledge, your interior spaces must support your business objectives. A space better adapted to your needs helps you to be more productive, attract customers or simply better meet the needs of your staff. Reflecting your ambitions, your interior design must be functional and aim to enhance the well-being of its occupants. Whether you want to rethink your plant to boost productivity, renovate your offices to ensure your employees' well-being, deploy a new identity to attract new customers to your business, or completely change the vocation of your premises to increase their market value, our team is ideally placed to support you in your endeavours. Based on your real needs, we will design your space so that it becomes a real lever for your growth.

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How interior design can contribute to your success?

Studies are unanimous: thoughtful, quality interior design has a direct impact on occupants' productivity, health and well-being. Whether it's increasing access to natural light by adding windows, installing high-performance, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems to ensure the comfort of your users, or simply rejuvenating the condition of the premises to create a pleasant living space, investments in your interior design will have a direct and beneficial impact on your occupants. However, it is important to be supported by a team of expert professionals who can advise and guide you in the strategies you need to adopt to maximize your return on investment.

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Who should I contact for my interior design project?

Whether it's a commercial building, industrial facility, or office space, we will guide you in leveraging your space to meet your organizations’ current and future challenges. Together, we will optimize your facilities to boost productivity and streamline your operations through a sound fit-out project based on technical rigor and exemplary project management.

As construction contractors, we can support you throughout your entire development project, according to your needs. From pre-construction planning to complete project management, from estimating the feasibility of your redevelopment to hiring subcontractors and establishing a procurement strategy to meet your deadlines. As true partners in your redevelopment project, we can work closely with your designer or architect in pursuit of your vision or propose trusted professionals with whom we have established design-build partnerships to create a plan that reflects your goals.

Recognized for the quality of our award-winning interior remodeling projects, we have a well-stocked and extremely diversified portfolio of achievements. From business offices and dental and health clinics to retail stores, restaurants and even bank branches, our achievements will confirm at a glance that JCB Construction Canada is the right partner for your interior design projects.