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Our investments in construction technology

10 mai 2021 07

Investing for tomorrow

JCB is very proud to be one of the few construction contractors to put technology at the heart of its projects. Our investments in technological solutions enable us to increase efficiency and ensure better management of our activities, both in the office and on the job site. And all for the benefit of our valued customers.

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What is construction technology?

When we think of technology, we often think of robots, drones or even virtual reality. In the construction sector, the use of new technologies enables us to improve planning, design, construction and project management processes. It speeds up overall programs, enhances safety, cuts costs and delivers more accurate, longer-lasting results. New construction technologies include both the use of software to facilitate design, planning and management, and the use of innovative techniques and materials to improve project quality and lifecycle.

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What is the purpose of new construction technologies?

Our technological investments are aimed at improving the productivity of our teams, optimizing logistics and construction processes on our sites, increasing coordination between the various parties involved, and reducing costs and schedules. For a construction company, technology has applications at every level of operation, from data sharing and business development to tender management, workforce training, workflow coordination and progress monitoring.

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Which new construction techniques are being used at JCB?

To serve our customers even better, we have developed our own material and human resources management system in collaboration with technology and construction experts. Bid management, project management, procurement, labor management, equipment management, and billing are just a few examples of the technological functionalities offered by our system, which we continue to develop on an ongoing basis in order to remain at the forefront of construction industry trends. Instant access to data, user-friendly tools on mobile devices, as well as real-time compilation of information, make it one of the most powerful systems in the construction industry.

We have also equipped ourselves with worksite collaboration and communication tools, such as the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, to facilitate collaboration and decision-making between the various parties involved in the same building. The connectivity offered by the BIM approach with construction sites is priceless, and not only gives us a good understanding of the state of play in real-time, but also increases productivity, enhances safety for workers, and mitigates risks.

For a construction company, BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, with its 3D data modeling and real-time coordination via a cloud-based platform, offers many advantages:

  • Real-time visualization of models in virtual reality mode
  • Conflict detection process between different discipline models
  • Tracking of conflicts between models
  • Sharing of coordinated models with the workforce on the construction site, thanks to an application adapted to mobile devices.

For a construction company like ours, the aim of these technologies is to improve our workers' productivity, ensure their safety, and reduce the costs and time needed to complete a project. A dream for all our customers!