ECI 3431

Our Services

Adapted to your needs and project, our services are divided into three main delivery methods that will meet all your expectations. By taking into account your needs, we will implement the best execution strategy to ensure that your mandate matches your ambitions.

Construction Management Contract

As the ultimate collaborative approach, the construction management contract allows us to be involved from the very start of your project, working in concert with your designers and professionals. Together, we'll optimize your future space, identify potential issues, and determine savings opportunities before even reaching the construction site. Because having a construction expert on your team right from the start can prevent a lot of headaches.

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With a turnkey construction contract, you'll find a partner who takes care of everything, from concept to inauguration day. With a single point of contact for all your needs, you're guaranteed the same level of quality throughout the work, close monitoring of budget and schedule, and above all, clear and timely communications. Because you've got enough on your plate as it is...

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Fixed-Price Construction Contract

Your plans are drawn up, your project is crystal-clear; all you need are construction experts ready to make it happen. With a fixed-price contract, we carry out your mandate in line with your concept, budget and schedule, and at the best possible price, fixed from the outset. It's a simple, precise and no-surprise way of doing business, perfect for expert clients who know exactly what they want.

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