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Building Envelope

Is your building envelope in need of a little love? Whether it's re-roofing, replacing siding, changing your windows, eliminating water infiltration, updating the look of your facade or improving insulation, renovating and repairing damage to your building envelope will help protect your real estate investment while delivering substantial savings on your energy costs. Find out how facade renovation can become an aesthetic and functional investment that pays off.

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Maintaining facades: a major responsibility

Maintaining and checking building façades is the responsibility of every property owner. As stated in the building chapter of the Safety Code, all buildings of at least five storeys must be regularly inspected and meticulously maintained to ensure the safety of the public and its occupants, and to prevent the development of dangerous conditions, such as the detachment or collapse of part of the exterior cladding. Proper facade maintenance means better protection for everyone.

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What are the benefits of building envelope repair?

From insulation problems to mold, water infiltration or loss of energy efficiency, envelope-related issues can be numerous and cause significant damage and worry to a property owner. For this reason, it is essential to call on a team with all the expertise needed to deal with any type of situation, from masonry restoration to re-roofing to curtain wall replacement. Our team has all the experience needed to complete your work, even in heritage or old buildings. If your building envelope is in good condition, but you would like to modernize the look of your building, adding, or replacing your fenestration or exterior cladding can easily add a touch of modernity while offering significant added value in terms of energy efficiency and occupant well-being. In all cases, any work carried out on the building envelope must be meticulous, with a view to extending the life cycle of your building.