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JCB has more than a hundred employees in Montreal and Toronto who share the same passion for the construction industry. It is a team of curious, ingenious, detailed, blue collar workers, intellectuals, creators and builders. A sum of qualified individuals who put us on the map.

Why work at JCB?

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To build your future and ours

At JCB you build a career while building the infrastructure of tomorrow. We take part in bold projects that transform the urban landscape. Above all, we take part in formative projects that elevates our curiosity, challenge us, and push us to be successful. Fortunately, we offer all the necessary training, mentoring and programs to support our team.

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To build sustainable relationships

We cannot deny that often we spend more time with our colleagues than our family. Fortunately, at JCB, you will only find passionate, hardworking, and fun people, that you will soon call friends.

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To build solid foundations

A solid foundation is how we make it to the top. That’s why we focus on the well-being of our team by offering an excellent work-life balance as well as great benefits including flexible hours, four weeks of vacation per year, three days of telecommuting per week, a fully equipped gym, a summer schedule, a tone of social activities and much more!

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Since we hope to spend several years working together, we want to make sure that we get along.

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Although perfection is out of the question, we believe it's always possible to do better. In fact, it's never too late to do things right, to improve, to rethink your ways, or to try something new. The mistake we must avoid is to do what you've always done, simply out of habit. We don't aim for perfection; excellence is enough.

Be part
of the solution

If you're not part of the solution, you're invariably part of the problem. Whether in the context of our own projects or in the broader perspective of our industry, we are constantly seeking to simplify the result, solve the problems and make life easier for those around us. Whether by using new technologies, working efficiently, and implementing inclusive working methods such as: transparent communications, proactive approach, or simply positive leadership, we want above all to be part of the solution.

a difference

Whatever our position, we can relay an impact on  our surroundings. Small scale or across the entire community, a simple idea can influence a decision, prompt a change, or even generate a revolution. Big or small, every action has consequences; let's make sure we build something positive for everyone.

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