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New Construction

There’s nothing like starting from scratch. Building a new space can be a very exciting project, but it can also be a very complex one. It is important to plan the construction of your new building carefully, considering everything from its location within the building stock to its architectural style, interior layout, and energy efficiency. To ensure that your new space lives up to your expectations, make sure you have the right partner on your side.

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What are the different types of new constructions?

JCB is privileged to have a highly diversified portfolio of achievements. Whether your space is for industrial, commercial, institutional or office use, our team will bring your construction project to a successful conclusion by proposing a construction method adapted to your type of infrastructure that will meet your needs, your budget, and your short, medium, and long-term objectives.

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What are the main factors that determine the cost of a new construction?

Similar to renovations on an existing building, the cost of new construction depends on a number of factors, including the size and type of building involved, materials used, finishes chosen, and the type of services required. Costs can vary considerably depending on your specific needs and aesthetic choices.

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What are the stages of new construction?

During our start-up phase, we clarify the roles and responsibilities of team members, including architectural and engineering professionals. We jointly establish target dates for clear deliverables. We then start the pre-construction phase, during which we produce preliminary budgets alongside plans and specifications. We also offer a value engineering phase during which our experts, in collaboration with consultants and subcontractors, scrutinize every detail of your project to unearth all the risks, but also all the potential savings. We then prepare for the planning phase when you will receive a detailed schedule and review procurement details. Finally, the ground is broken for the execution phase which takes place under the watchful eye of one of our site superintendents permanently assigned to your project to ensure the quality of the work carried out. His work only comes to an end at the project closure phase when your space is finally commissioned and delivered to our highest standards.