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Building Restoration

Whether restoring an abandoned historic building to its former glory or restoring its lost luster to heritage infrastructure, JCB has extensive experience in restoring heritage, inventoried or ancestral buildings. Certainly, we have had the opportunity to intervene in many century- old buildings, classified as heritage or even historical interest. Our work has involved restoring of masonry envelopes, integrating modern mechanical equipment, installing state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems, adding elevators and other universal mobility systems, and bringing electrical and fire alarm systems up to standard. In short, we have all the experience necessary to bring buildings from the last century into modern times while fully respecting their original charm.

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Protecting the heritage buildings: a collective responsibility

Owners of heritage buildings are responsible for maintaining them in good condition and preserving their heritage value. A protected, inventoried, or historic heritage building does not imply the same degree of responsibility for the owners. It is therefore important to fully understand the distinctions related to these types of buildings, but above all to fully assume every individual’s responsibility in the face of these collective historical treasures. Please note that any intervention on this type of building, whether it involves restoration work, enhancement, or simple repairs, must be authorized by the municipality or relevant authority. In such cases, it is best to seek the advice of an expert in the field to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, for the collective good.

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What rehabilitation work entails?

Before undertaking a heritage restoration project, many experts, including the Ministry of Culture, must be consulted and numerous analyzes must be carried out to accurately determine probable risks, estimated life cycle, available substitute materials, interventions, and cost estimates necessary to determine a proper and precise schedule, as well as a budget for the project. In this regard, you will most certainly need a partner able to rally all the required manpower and specialized experience to bring your heritage restoration work to a successful conclusion.

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What are the advantages of hiring experts in historic, heritage or older buildings?

Whether preserving, renovating or rehabilitating old, heritage or historic buildings, our team has all the sensitivity and expertise necessary to assess, manage and carry out this meticulous work. Accompanied by heritage consultants, we ensure that the best preservation and restoration techniques will be put in place. We will make sure to obtain all the authorizations and permits required to move forward, and we work in close collaboration with construction professionals to preserve the original finishes, highlight heritage features, rehabilitate existing components, and revalorize period materials. We are also prepared to deal with all types of unforeseen events that may be hidden behind the walls, such as mold problems, the presence of contaminants or even structural weaknesses.