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Major Renovation

The years have gone by and your building is in dire need of a facelift? Don't wait to consult experts who can point you in the right direction. From roofing to foundations, our team has all the experience you need to restore your building to its former glory. We are on site to guide you so that your major renovation project translates into real added value and a rapid return on investment.

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What is a major renovation?

A major renovation is the refurbishment or transformation of a large part or all an existing building, with a view to upgrading, refreshing, or repairing it. There are no limits to the renovation work that can be carried out on existing infrastructures, in compliance with the regulations in force. The work can include the reinforcement of your foundation or structure, improvement of the interior for the building, major modifications to your layout plan, addition of electrical or mechanical systems, repair of your exterior cladding, and even major repairs relating to deficiencies.

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What are the advantages of carrying out major renovation work on a building?

Contrary to a new construction, a major renovation project has the advantage of requiring less expenses. This saves costs related to the purchase of land, materials, and consulting services, which significantly reduces the final price. Property owners will also be happy to learn that zoning and permit requirements are often less restrictive and therefore much easier to meet in major renovation than in new construction.

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In addition, major renovation projects will generally have less environmental impact than a new construction. Moreover, it is entirely possible, and even encouraged to recycle or reuse existing elements in your space such as furniture, doors, glass partitions and various hardware to reduce the costs, quantity of waste produced, and the ecological footprint left behind. Contrary to what many property owners might believe, renovations do not generally contribute to productivity slowdown, even when affected in a major part of the establishment. Often, a renovation has the advantage of allowing you to continue using spaces in your building without having to relocate your staff or equipment. From the very beginning, the general contractor is able to establish various services and mitigation measures to minimize the impact on the quality of life for your occupants and their daily activities. In addition to improving your facilities from an aesthetic point of view, modifying and repairing the exterior and interior spaces of your building will allow you to upgrade your facilities in terms of health and safety, but also energy efficient systems, thus reducing the energy consumption of your property and your operating costs.