The 1001 benefits of BIM

Innovative, collaborative, and efficient, BIM technology has it all. Adopted more and more by public and private clients around the world, the BIM approach simply represents the future of the built environment. 



Developed by Autodesk, BIM 360 is a cloud-based platform that enables a construction project to be managed, from design to maintenance, in a single online location. Connecting all involved parties, including clients and subcontractors, the platform collects all project data, allowing real-time monitoring during the design, coordination, construction, and operation phases.

From 3D modelling to property management, the BIM approach opens the doors to a collaborative, interdisciplinary and interactive world that facilitates the creation of more energy efficient buildings, higher quality infrastructures, and buildings with optimized life cycles. The BIM platform offers 1001 benefits that invariably translate into a significant return on investment at all levels.

Date de la parution

1st march 2022

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