JCB continues its ascent to the top of the list of construction leaders in Quebec

It is with great pride that we announce that JCB ranked 11 in the list of construction leaders in Quebec in 2020. Conducted every year by Constructo since the past 37 years, this leaders list presents the general contractors and specialized contractors according to their revenues earned in Quebec for the year 2019.

This is a rise of 21 positions in the ranking over a period of 3 years!

It is thanks to the commitment of each one of our team members to offer an outstanding service and to ensure the continuous improvement of our working methods that JCB built its reputation for excellence and is among the top leading construction companies. We continue to pursue our company mission which is to be THE national partner by excellence to carry out private construction projects by focusing on innovative practices and an unrivalled customer experience.  

To view the list of leaders, click on the image below

Date de la parution

27th november 2020

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