The 1001 benefits of BIM: Human scale to the benefit of the client

20180911 JCB 216

The 1001 benefits of BIM: Human scale to the benefit of the client

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It may seem unusual for an IT platform to be praised for its human scale. But this is the case for the BIM tool, which facilitates the connection and collaboration of its users, to the great benefit of all, including clients.

In standard construction projects, one of the most frequently observed issues is the lack of communication. All the trades involved in a construction project, whether they are architects, engineers, or contractors, often work independently of each other, creating silos where there is little exchange of information.

In the context of a BIM project, this issue tends to disappear as the platform places communication at the very centre of its process. All information is centralized and available at all times for all the parties involved. This constant exchange of information forces users behind their computers to discuss, debate and collaborate with each other at every stage. The responsibility of the professionals then extends well beyond the design stage, while subcontractors are finally involved from the very first sketches. This amalgamation of expertise makes it possible to detect any constructability issues and to solve them jointly, even before breaking the ground. The execution then becomes more fluid, the schedule is shortened, production is accelerated, and quality is increased: all elements that result in a significant return on investment for our clients.

By leveraging real-time communication, collaboration and information exchange, the BIM platform transforms multimillion-dollar construction sites into human-scale projects where the expertise of all workers building them is proactively engaged. It is this human-scale, circular collaboration that pays off, especially for the client.