The future of scaffolding with Urban Umbrella

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The future of scaffolding with Urban Umbrella

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Our beloved Montreal, designated UNESCO City of Design, has sometimes a rough time with all the traffic cones, safety fences and heavy machinery that dot construction sites around its downtown. We have to admit that construction sites are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing. Nothing, however, prevents us from attempting to fix this problem.

As part of one of our projects in downtown Montreal, JCB Construction Canada wanted to minimize the impact of its construction site on Montrealers, who are more than fed up with the numerous worksites across the island.

To help where we could, JCB opted to use a brand new solution: an aesthetic scaffolding structure. Yes, you read that right.

This innovation created by New York-based Urban Umbrella, whose mission is to combine urban design and pedestrian protection, offers a safer, more attractive, pedestrian-conscious alternative to traditional sidewalk scaffolding, which, let’s face it, doesn’t look very reassuring at night.

Not only do these sidewalk scaffolding provide secure access for pedestrians, but they also offer significant added value for all property owners who wish to attract visitors to their establishments.

We are confident that Montrealers will warmly welcome this cutting-edge infrastructure as the City of Montreal is investing significantly on various strategies to revitalize the economic and cultural heart of the metropolis.

We hope to see these magnificent structures spread throughout the city at the same pace as our now iconic traffic cones.