The 1001 Benefits of BIM : Visualize your decisions

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The 1001 Benefits of BIM : Visualize your decisions

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BIM can be broadly defined as the digital representation of an infrastructure for the purpose of visualization, analysis, and validation. These purposes represent an undeniable advantage for all parties involved in a project as they allow them to visualize their decisions.

Indeed, once the various construction disciplines are integrated into the same 3D model, technical issues and conflicts “almost” appear by themselves. We then analyze, reflect and, sometimes, question several aspects of a project, especially in terms of installation and maintenance, which are often overlooked during the design phase.

We recently experienced this type of situation during our project at Collège Sainte-Anne. On the initial electrical plans, starters were to be installed on each pump of the mechanical room. However, once the 2D plans were modelled on BIM, we quickly realized that it was possible to optimize this layout by consolidating all the starters in a single location. This consolidation would not only facilitate the installation of the devices, but also ensure a much more efficient maintenance.

BIM was an essential tool in finding this optimal alternative location that took into account all the possible constraints, such as plumbing and fire protection. BIM also allowed us to clearly present the issue to our partners, and thus quickly obtain the approval of our client, who could easily visualize and understand the situation at hand.

It is essential to remember that our clients are often construction neophytes. Visual aids such as these are crucial to help them understand the technical issues being discussed and make informed decisions about their own project. We can’t all be construction experts, but with BIM, we all have a clearer view of things.