The 1001 benefits of BIM : Logical logistics

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The 1001 benefits of BIM : Logical logistics

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A construction site is teeming with activity as heavy vehicles, cranes, containers, thousands of tools, and dozens of workers are scattered about. A poorly organized construction site can quickly generate a multitude of issues that may result in lost productivity, health and safety risks for workers and occupants, poor quality work, as well as significant noise and visual pollution for your neighbours or occupants. The management of a construction site is therefore a crucial step to be carried out at the very beginning of a project.

Just like an orchestra’s conductor, the BIM platform allows you to organize and plan the workspace required for each discipline, while considering the constraints and spatial needs of each party. Whether your site is located on a small plot of land or in an occupied building, the modelization of the workspace will help you coordinate your storage, warehousing and work areas, and so, throughout your project, which may also include several relocations.

The BIM platform proved to be very useful in the preparation of the construction site at Collège Sainte-Anne. Thanks to BIM, we were able to visually demonstrate the various site constraints to all stakeholders. With 3D modeling, the client was able to visually grasp the scope of the deployment on his site, while our foreman was able to organize the site efficiently by determining in advance the location of trailers, cranes, storage, and demolition areas. Furthermore, it allowed us to simulate the reach of the cranes to ensure adequate spacing for their optimal operation while defining safe traffic lanes for personnel and users, and so, at every stage of the project.

By carefully planning your work site logistics using BIM, you will be able to effectively manage possible nuisances, visualize the evolution of your work, communicate upcoming changes to your occupants, maintain the operationality of the premises, and continue your activities as usual. In short, you will be able to properly manage your construction site even before breaking the ground.