Update on the COVID19 situation on our construction sites

To follow up on our communication about the COVID-19 released last Friday, March 13, here is an update on the situation on our construction sites and the additional preventive measures put in place.

All our construction sites remain in operation with the exception of one project that was stopped at the request of our client who ordered the shutdown of its facilities.

The efficiency on our worksites is currently ranging between 60 and 80% and the percentage is likely to decrease in the coming days for the following reasons:

  • Symptomatic workers are not taking any chances and stay home as recommended
  • Others recently travelled abroad and are currently in self-isolation
  • Others must stay at home to take care of their kids
  • Some subcontractors and suppliers have temporarily ceased their operations
  • We are experiencing more and more shortages of materials


This could have an impact on the original project schedules. We will keep you informed and implement mitigation measures.

Here are the additional preventive measures that were put in place on our work sites during the week of March 16th:

We verbally communicated during a conference call led by our Field Operations Manager and our OHS Officer to all our Superintendents and Foremen the additional mandatory procedures and preventative measures to implement, including:

  • Greet each person arriving on site (workers, delivery person, professional, client, etc.), to assess his or her risk of contamination and to record it in a registry
  • Deny access to the site to any person with flu-like symptoms or who has been in contact with a person with such symptoms
  • Display an information sheet on symptoms, prevention methods and actions to be taken in strategic places (see attached document Coronavirus Prevention).
  • Enforce hygienic and preventive measures such as:
    • Frequently wash hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds
    • If they don't have access to water, use the alcohol-based disinfectants provided
    • Avoid direct contact for greetings and maintain a social distance of at least one meter with others
  • Increase the frequency of trailers and washrooms cleaning with disinfecting agents
  • Coordinate work and deliveries to avoid proximity between workers - ensure that trades overlap rather than being on the site at the same time
  • Leave the delivered materials in place for a period of minimum six hours or disinfect before handling
  • Ensure that engineering controls (such as ventilation systems) are adequately maintained to reduce the spread of infectious agents

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Date de la parution

19th march 2020

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