The 1001 BIM Tips

Despite the growing popularity of the BIM approach within the construction industry, its use is still relatively marginal for many companies. 

As a new partner of Groupe BIM Québec, JCB Construction Canada wishes to contribute to the industry's digital transition and to the widespread implementation of this management approach of the built environment.

To improve knowledge sharing across our industry, JCB Construction Canada offers you 1001 tips and tricks that, we hope, might help you improve your use of the platform, increase your performance, and most importantly, build better infrastructures for our community. 

Tip 1: 3D Model Coordination

Ready to start your first 3D model coordination meeting? There are a few things that can help you make the most out of these meetings. In general, there is not a lot of time between the awarding of subcontractors’ contracts and the start of the work. Therefore, a lot of coordination meetings must be held at the beginning of a project, mostly on a weekly basis. To make sure you don't miss anything in this frantic succession of meetings, here are a few tips to help you coordinate them effectively. 

How to prepare for a BIM coordination meeting

For a coordination meeting to run smoothly, it is essential to require that all parties update their 3D models on GLUE at least 24 hours before the meeting. This way, the BIM coordinator can review if clashes have been effectively resolved and identify new ones.

How to ensure your BIM coordination meeting runs smoothly 

Coordination meetings should typically start with a review of unresolved issues so that they can be settled promptly. Then, the BIM coordinator should present the newly detected clashes so that discussions can be held, and appropriate solutions found collectively. Of course, the person in charge of the clash must commit to making the necessary modification to the 3D model as soon as possible. Finally, coordination meetings should always end with a round table discussion to gather feedback from all participants.

How to take advantage of clash markups on BIM 360 Glue

To make your life easier, use markups to annotate clashes directly on BIM 360 Glue and record them by date. Therefore, these annotations are copied to the BIM meeting minutes, which will help you properly monitor clashes resolution. When a clash is resolved, drag it into an “Expired” folder instead of deleting it. This way you will always have access to it for future reference.

How to take advantage of the "Meeting Minutes" section on BIM 360

One of the great advantages of the BIM 360 platform is that everyone involved in the coordination has access to all the data, including the "meeting minutes". It is therefore easy to assign responsibility for a task and to follow its progress. A little tip: since the clashes annotated on Glue are recorded by date in the "meeting minutes", make sure you include all important details for future reference, e.g., solutions discussed, tasks to be organized on site, etc.

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4th march 2022

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