Our Commitment With Regard To Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and stakeholders with whom we interact in our operations is of the utmost importance to us. In this way, we are actively monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and we have put in place our business continuity and health risk mitigation plan that we continue to adapt to the various changes and impacts that are occurring.

Measures Put in Place to Ensure Business Continuity

We are maintaining our business operations as usual unless otherwise advised by government authorities. Our offices will be open and our construction sites will all remain in operation.

  • Our employees have the technological solutions that allow them to work from home when needed
  • Our technological tools and systems have been tested and are secure
  • We conduct business meetings over the phone or via videoconference as often as possible


Preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus

  • We have cancelled our business trips and asked our employees to cancel their personal trips abroad until further notice.
  • We cancelled our participation to corporate events and avoid gatherings of people
  • We have communicated good hygiene habits to all our employees (frequent hand washing, use of antibacterial products, avoiding the spread of germs when coughing, sneezing, etc.)
  • We have asked our employees to disclose any trip to one of the high-risk countries that involves them personally or someone close to them
  • Our employees are encouraged to stay home if they or someone close to them has been exposed to Coronavirus or if they are experiencing symptoms of the disease


Potential risks on the progress of ongoing construction projects

Currently, the identified risks that can affect the progression of construction projects are the followings :

  • The workers' union or the government could order the closure of the offices and/or work sites and property owners or managers could order the closure of their properties
  • There could be inventory shortages of materials, especially those from China and Italy
  • Municipalities are closing down services such as permits and inspections, which could lead to delays in the start-up or delivery of construction projects


Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. We will keep you informed of the developments.


Date de la parution

13th march 2020

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