Moisson Rive-Sud awarded JCB triple recognition, a record!

JCB has been a proud supporter of Moisson Rive-Sud for nearly 10 years to fight hunger and food insecurity in the Montérégie region.

Last November 13, Moisson Rive-Sud awarded JCB not one, but three medals of recognition for our significant contribution as a donor, a record!

Here are the details of each of our three recognition medals:

1. Creators

As Vice-President of Moisson Rive-Sud’s executive board, Louis Lavigne is always looking for new ideas to raise more money for the organization. He came up with the idea of creating the President’s Club Dinner event, which aims to offer business leaders on the South Shore the opportunity to exchange views on issues of concern to them while raising funds to support the organization’s operation.

2. Presidents' Club Dinner

Our four partners participated in the event and contributed to the fundraising.

3. Golf Tournament

Louis not only participates in the annual golf tournament, he is also responsible for selling 10 participation tickets and JCB is proud to contribute to the event with a donation and sponsorship.


Date de la parution

19th december 2019

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