Moisson Rive-Sud, a cause we dearly care about

The chance of having enough to eat every day is not given to everybody. For various reasons, some families in our local community must fight hunger every day and are in need of support. Requests for food-aid are more present than ever.

Each month, Moisson Rive-Sud helps close to 18,000 people in Montérégie, amongst which 40% are children aged between 0 and 18 years old. In order to do so, they gather food donations from food companies and they redistribute them to the 85 accredited community organizations that supports the less affluent population in the region.

This is a cause we dearly care about at JCB and for which our President, Louis Lavigne is personally invested as Vice-President of the administration council. We are proud to renew our financial support for a 6th year towards Moisson Rive-Sud that will help the equivalent of 60 families in need.

Click on the image below to watch the video about Moisson Rive-Sud.

To learn more about Moisson Rive-Sud, visit their website:

Date de la parution

24th november 2017

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